Day 187 of 365

Made this card.  Probably will send it to my sister whose birthday is in a month <3

So one of the downfalls of living "in the woods" is the bugs! I just saw a HUGE spider crawling into the living room :| So I am seeking refuge in my bedroom till hubby comes home haha

Day 182 of 365

WOW! halfway done with my 365 days challenge!
going to library to check out some good books to read with my tea tomorrow night .. probably "A Monster's notes" by  Laurie Sheck?

Day 181 of 365

Fairy Dust - on ebay
Recently I've been uploading some pix on ebay. I might put up a few for bid once in a while

Day 180 of 365

quick sketch
Working on creating a tiny character for my next challenge (comic).

Day 179 of 365

This little painting will be posted on my etsy shop soon
I love drawing houses <3

It looks way better in person but my scanner is cheap lol so can't do better than this unfortunately.

Guess what?
We bought our tickets! we'll be going to two continents: Europe and Asia. It will be our first trip out of USA. We're super excited! now we just need to get the visa asap <3

Day 178 of 365

IF's topic: Swim
She didn't know how to swim. But loved being in the middle of the ocean .. with her cat and a couple of comfy pillows. Wearing her pajamas. Gazing at the stars. Listening to the waves dancing with the breeze ...

* I'm so used to writing "watercolor" as my medium haha . The medium for this painting was acrylics :)

Hubby's making dinner 2nite; his specialty: Baked salmon + herbs <3
Will be leaving the town again tomorrow. My mother-in-law baked a lot of pastry and is inviting us over. so I'll have to be on a diet when I return! haha

Have a lovely weekend!

Day 177 of 365

FINALLY ordered my dress for my brother's wedding. I was too hesitant to buy it. I ordered it last night <3 I hope it arrives soon. can't wait to wear it!

Day 176 of 365

Wore nail polish after a very long time! It's the "Blue You" by Boundless color.

Btw there is a 15% off offer in my store... def check it out: Click Here also added some jewelry n hair pins

Day 175 of 365

As u probably know, I literally live in the woods =) so when the storm hit, all the roads were blocked with trees .. but now the weather is nicer. Few days ago it was snowing, and I took these pix. It was around 7 am.

Day 170 of 365

OMG! I finally got my internet back! after 1 week of being trapped in the real world I'm an addict! can't live without internet =)

But during this (horrible!) week, I did paint a lot and made clay creatures and read lots of books and watched Coraline 4 times haha

Day 168 of 365

perfume perfume perfume <3 u can never have enough

Day 164 of 365

IF's topic: Yesterday

Yesterday I finally chose the dress I want to wear on my brother's wedding! So excited for the summer to come! <3

- See the original here

Day 163 of 365

12. Most recent accomplishment

Once in a while I become a tea addict =) I mean to the extend that I get severe headaches if I don't drink 3 glasses of tea (total of 6 glasses per day!)
So I guess my recent accomplishment has been trying to quit drinking tea. I haven't had tea for 2 weeks now haha

see the original here: Teacup on etsy

Day 162 of 365

"Spring is coming"

IF's topic: Talent

It takes a certain talent to be a gardner ... I remember planting a small strawberry and a mint plant in my backyard.  After 2 weeks I remembered to water them. poor things were dead by that time :| 
I hope someday I'll have the talent to plant roses and herbs =) Amen!

Day 160 of 365

11. Turning point in life

probably my marriage ... I have to admit marriage is a tough thing while it can be a very good thing =) u have to work really hard on it and learn to compromise and listen if u want a succesful one. Whenever I see someone with a wedding band, I just have more respect for them.
Overall, I am happy with how things worked out and I hope it gets better each year.

Day 159 of 365

I have a lot of plans for this week. I want to make more miniature clay stuff n paint. This coming weekend is my hubby's birthday! I am not sure what I'm going to do for him yet, but I already bought his gift. I guess I'll just buy two cupcakes n then sit n watch a movie. Just have a quiet and relaxing day.

Day 157 of 365

10. favorite candy

My favorite candy? ANY kind of chocolate =0) yummm