Day 178 of 365

IF's topic: Swim
She didn't know how to swim. But loved being in the middle of the ocean .. with her cat and a couple of comfy pillows. Wearing her pajamas. Gazing at the stars. Listening to the waves dancing with the breeze ...

* I'm so used to writing "watercolor" as my medium haha . The medium for this painting was acrylics :)

Hubby's making dinner 2nite; his specialty: Baked salmon + herbs <3
Will be leaving the town again tomorrow. My mother-in-law baked a lot of pastry and is inviting us over. so I'll have to be on a diet when I return! haha

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. was truly wondering about your medium - that's why i came here *g* whatever the case: it's a lovely concept and execution and i envy you the baked salmon ;-)

    have a nice week-end and never mind the calories: there are more important things to life than arithmetics *g*