Day 126 of 365

Lucia was a tiny girl. So tiny that she could fit in a tiny teacup. 

click see the original here: Tiny girl

Day 124 of 365

My Fruit/Veg painting set
I sell the original ACEO here:

I hope ur having a nice Sunday

Day 118 of 365


Macie liked to wonder around at night in the forest with her pet - Mr. Fox. Full moon was her favorite part of the month.

Day 116 of 365

"Myth of Queen Merrydeath"

The tale tells of a beautiful queen ruling for her children in ancient times. Keep in mind that this is a time when men were still new to the earth. Queen Meredith had taken a lover after years of being alone due to the king's death. Her lover was Mambayan, a warrior chieftain and close friend of the king. Well as all good love stories go, her lover was wounded in battle. Also around the same time a vampfara was imprisoned in the castle keep. Meredith tried everything in her power to save Manbayan, but to no avail. Death was imminent. An old crone suggested that since the vampfara appeared to be able to heal itself, maybe they should try the blood of the vampfara to heal Manbayan. Meredith formed an idea in her mind to visit the vampfara and request his help. That very same night she did visit the vampfara. When she requested his blood to save her lover. The vampfara thought about her request and he requested his freedom in return. He told her that she must carry his blood inside of her, as it had to be kept warm. He bit her and drank her blood greedily and just as she was about to die he sliced his wrist and held it to her mouth, making her drink his blood. Then he told her that in order to save her lover she must repeat the same procedure. Of course they have now died and been made into vampires. The kingdom rebelled against the lovers who now walked with the undead and cast them out. As the story goes they are still roaming the night together and the vampfarant was freed as per agreement. That is the myth of Queen Merrydeath.

I'm not into vampire stuff at all but this story was beautiful so I illustrated queen Merrydeath for it.

Hope u all have a wonderful weekend! 

Day 115 of 365


Her name was Rosalie. Her cheeks were the color of roses.

So we were expecting 8 inches of snow by midnight but we didn't even get 1/2 inch of snow. This winter def did not feel like winter ... this could mean that spring is going to be delayed

Anywho, I've been painting some new stuff lately. I love to make my paintings mystical and mysterious. So This is one of the many paintings to come hopefully.

I am thinking of adding them to my etsy shop when I have about a dozen of them. These are going to be limited editions.

Hope all is well with you lovely readers. Stay warm

Day 112 of 365

Went to work today after a very long break

Hope all is well with u lovely readers too

Day 108 of 365

"The Ocean is where I belong"

IF's topic: Ocean
A quick color pencil sketch

Day 103 of 35

Will def miss the Christmas/new year's lights and house decorations

- This winter has been so good to us. no snow yet, even in Chicago

Day 101 of 365

I'm so happy that my drawing got "pick of the week" yaaayyyy

- practicing 20 second sketches of nature scenes