Day 162 of 365

"Spring is coming"

IF's topic: Talent

It takes a certain talent to be a gardner ... I remember planting a small strawberry and a mint plant in my backyard.  After 2 weeks I remembered to water them. poor things were dead by that time :| 
I hope someday I'll have the talent to plant roses and herbs =) Amen!


  1. this is adorable~

    here we have deer, that adds an element to gardening as they will eat everything!

  2. what a lovely idea and nice watercolour!

  3. I love how she looks rather pleased with herself! I'm rubbish at gardening and I've given up on keeping indoor plants because I forget all about them. All I have left indoors these days is a poor old yukka that's only survived because it doesn't need water very often!xx