Day 365 of 365 - Yayyy!

FINALLY!! Finished my 365 challenge today
it took way longer than I expected but at least I did commit to it haha
I really wanted to finish this before 2014 :)

I will accept other challenges in future hopefully
it's def a great way to draw!


Day 360 of 365

sorry for uploading so many pix at once
Just wanted to finish uploading all the paintings before 2014 =) it was my resolution for the year n procrastinating didn't let me do that by now haha

hope y'all r having a wonderful holiday <3

Day 347 of 365

piece of pie

oh how I miss thanksgiving ...

Day 316 of 365

lol I know this sucks =) it's my first oil painting .. I hope to improve :|

(still in progress)