Day 156 of 365

9. favorite TV show

A quick sketch - gotta go pack: going to visit some relatives

So many to choose from again! =) Raising hope, Office, Revenge, Once upon a time, Mrs. and Brown's boys <3
But Downton Abbey is def one of my most fav TV shows.. I'm just so sad about how season 3 ended, I shouted "OH MY GAWD" about 50 times when it finished haha

Day 155 of 365

8. Favorite Animated Character

- a very quick sketch

There were many to choose from! Snow white, Wall-e, Coroline (I didn't pick her because I painted her for my first day of challenge), Stewie, Belle, Congfu Panda, Arrietty, Totoro, and Sally(from "Nightmare Before Christmas"). But I love this donkey in the Shrek movie, he's hilarious and I never get tired of watching that movie because of him ^_^

Day 153 of 365

6. Favorite book character - can't be a movie

My favorite character, is from the book " Six records of a floating life " by Shen Fu. Her name was Shu-Chen. I just loved her personality <3

Day 152 of 365

IF's topic: Whisper 
See the original here

Today my husband is going out with friends. I am happy; he really needs it. I will ,however, spend this time painting n studying (hopefully) n just have a day to relax.

I wish u all a wonderful Sunday . Decide to be happy today <3

Day 151 of 365

wow days are flying by!

I have to take my GRE exam a little bit more seriously now ... can't wait to go back to college! U won't find any job with a bachelor degree these days unfortunately. But I'm hopeful to get accepted into a school n continue my education :0)

Day 150 of 365

5. best friend

My best friends are my hubby and my family that lives in the busy city of Chicago :) I have a huge family and so from the beginning I was always very close to my siblings <3

Today is my sisters birthday... Happy birthday "Z" ! wish u a wonderful year *hugs*

Day 149 of 365

"Flowing hair"

See the original here <3

Didn't have work today so spent a lot of time painting :) I love days like these... it's so relaxing
Gotta go wash the dishes n prepare dinner now. Watched "Another Cinderella Story" it was okay.. I guess I'm too old for those movies now haha

Day 148 of 365


Today I sent a couple of packages and envelopes of things I sold overseas. I did not expect to pay that much money for the shipping. I was def shocked, but I guess u learn from ur mistakes :) .. so I won't be sending anything overseas for a while until I figure out how much I should actually charge for an envelope or a package. I remember when I was selling jewelry online, it wouldn't cost a lot of money, but different post offices have different rules apparently... Oh well

Day 147 of 365

These dancing thingies are adorable! I sketched them on so many papers
See the original here

This McDonal's song for the fish bites is so cute haha

Day 146 of 365

Came back from vacation. Have to go grocery shopping later today n do some house work.
Today is going to be a busy day :)

This week's Once Upon A Time episode was so sad but beautiful <3

Day 143 of 365

I'm so happy to be here with my loved ones <3
Hope to come back here soon again

Day 141 of 365

Today I didn't really find time to draw/paint .. so I'm just uploading a drawing from two days ago ... "Coffee Fortune Telling"

Hope ur week is going well! (:

Day 140 of 365

3. Favorite food

I know this is probably not considered a food =) but I can't live without it <3

Day 139 of 365

2. Favorite animal

Foxes are sooo cute. I see a lot of them near my house, they're adorable

Day 138 of 365

1. Draw urself

So I'll be going of town again =) this time for 5 days. My husband has not seen my family for a year! so it's time for us to go n see them <3

gotta start packing tomorrow

Day 137 of 365

Blue Bird - see the original here

Found this wonderful idea at Carolina's blog, it's really good because it gives me more ideas and keeps me on track for what  to draw <3

Day 136 of 365

Today was a big day. I hope that the results come soon .. and I hope it will be a good news (:

Day 135 of 365

 Adorable gift tags (see them here)

Orange bird (see the original here)

Catching up with Downton Abbey season 3 . what a wonderful show <3

Going out of town for a couple of days. There is this HUGE bookstore there with all vintage books and magazines, so I'm looking forward to buying some books from there.

Day 134 of 365

 Hand painted card -  in progress

So today I found out that a family lost ALL they had when their house caught on fire few days was really sad. We had some extra blankets n food that I took to their house for them.   Hope those blankets and clothes keep them warm and everything works out for them.

Day 132 of 365

Cherry cupcake <3

This is my original painting, 5"x7"
you can find it here (click)

I've also added two coloring pages here

Happy Monday :)

Day 129 of 365

some more ACEO painting

Yayyy it's finally February! and it's Friday! it couldn't get better than this =)
need to go to work only for an hour today. When I get back I'll make some chicken n rice for lunch ... then make tea n watch a LONG comedy movie n relax. any suggestions? 

Wish u all a wonderful weekend