Day 66 of 365

My sister bought one of these for me long time ago. I love it <3

Day 65 of 365

I'll catch a shooting star for you, if in the end you'll love me...

Day 63 of 365

I am planning to go to work, come back and cook something quick, then hang out on my bed with my sketchbook and a good movie to watch...

p.s: I LOVE red shoes 

Day 62 of 365


My illustration for IF's topic: whiskers

I know Monday is probably no one's favorite day haha ... hope u all have a wonderful week ahead of u!

Day 61 of 365

"Blue Owl"

Right now I really want a big sandwich filled with fresh vegetables and cheese!

Day 60 of 365

"Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair"

I lost my camera few days ago... it's so hard to live without a good camera. I hope I find it soon.

Day 56 of 365

I'm working on a calender :) I hope it turns out good!
will be posting it soon

I miss my grandma I wish she was still alive. why do good people leave us so soon?

Day 53 of 365

I'm thinking of painting more faces for the next couple of weeks. I'll draw faces that I see throughout the day or faces that pop-up in my head.

Day 52 of 365

" Where the stars grow"

My post for IF's topic: Zoom.

Days are flying by! ( or is it just me? )
Def need to relax and have some fun this weekend because I have another crazy week coming up

Wish u all a wonderful weekend!

Day 48 of 365

I want a big, fresh, creamy,  and delicious milk cake right now!
don't u?

Day 47 of 365

It's 3:15 AM! I don't know why I'm still awake... my head hurts because I'm so sleepy ... can't fall sleep

Day 46 of 365

I LOVE pumpkin pie!!! I make it at least 2 or 3 times during fall and winter . So easy and yummy.

Day 45 of 365

My drawing for IF's topic "Tree": Little red riding hood in the trees . I hope you enjoy it!

and have a wonderful weekend everyone

Day 43 of 365

"The Pink Dress"

I am supposedly working on a commission painting for someone. This is just a sketch. I hope to finish her painting by the end of the month.

Day 39 of 365

A day at work .. waiting for a patient to show up.

- going out of town ... yayyyy so excited to leave the city for a while <3

Day 38 of 365

"Don't be shy, little bunny"

Bought a big can of royal dansk biscuits. It reminds me of my childhood that's why I love it <3
p.s: bought it yesterday and half of it is already gone haha

Wish u all a wonderful weekend

Day 37 of 365

I made this birthday card yesterday. I really enjoy making cards. I might add them to my shop in a few days, but I haven't thought about the price yet.
I will  be going out of town at the end of the week...I'm so excited to leave the city!!

Made a grocery list and will be going grocery shopping today. I love using budget-bytes and to make a list of foods I wanna cook. 

Hope u had a good Halloween!