Day 216 of 365

Russian doll - Orange Blossom

I try to have a theme for each month .. for the month of April it was "packing my entire bedroom" I have to say I have A LOT of work left to do =)

- I need coffee ...

Day 215 of 365


IF's topic: Farewell
I don't know why, but farewell reminds me of night .. of stars and moon. That's why I painted this one. Hope u enjoy it :0)

- available in my store

Day 212 of 365

Matryoshka #1 

available at:

Day 206 of 365

Spring Girl

Today I don't have work, so I'll be just spending time packing the house and listening to music.

Day 205 of 365

Bought my two youngest sisters bunny earrings the other day n it should get to them soon! hope they like their new earrings :)

Day 204 of 365


Saw a white deer today in my backyard.. I never knew they existed! :)  it was sooooo beautiful!

Day 200 of 365

Craving some doughnuts ... it's almost 10pm though ... hmmm I think I'll go n get some from the nearest 7 11 store :P

good night <3

Day 198 of 365

Little Neon Bunny

It doesn't look so good in the picture, but it's soooo eye catching in person <3

Day 196 of 365

Probably my most favorite drink .. especially if it's organic with a red cap ;)

these last couple of of pix that I've posted were from my journal mainly. I have a tiny journal that I write n draw stuff I do that day

Day 195 of 365

This the bunny I made with clay ... I usually sketch them first just to have an idea :)
u can see this ->  chubby bunny here (click here)

Day 194 of 365

Have u ever tried country style doughnuts? they're AMAZING <3 There is this place in Richmond that makes them at 6:30 AM ... once I went there n since then I've been longing to go there again  :) 

Day 193 of 365

Spending a lot of time looking for some good clothes to buy... for the trip. It's not so easy for me to buy clothes :P I'm just "a little" too picky haha

Day 188 of 365

IF's topic: Egg

Created this tiny character ... her names is Olive :)
u will be seeing more of her in future

Happy April fools day! do something crazy today! (be safe though) <3