Day 241 of 365

I won't be uploading for about a month unfortunately... won't have access to internet :(
I might save a couple of drawing to be posted automatically

However, I'll be sketching n painting every day ;)

Day 232 of 365

Black and gold bird - acrylic
will soon be added to my etsy shop :)

Day 228 of 365

IF's topic; Future

Yes that is me! when I see a cicada, I don't care who is around me, I will shout and RUN! (and go all taekwondo )  =)) I have a severe type of bug phobia lol even ants freak me out ... so yea ... not so excited about cicadas coming into town in the near future *nervous*

Day 227 of 365

IF topic: Tribute.

I think I saw Santa today ... ?! He was wearing huge sunglasses n driving a big truck =)

Btw, do u miss snow?

Day 223 of 365

My sketchbook

Btw just realized that I packed the cord for my scanner .. so can't use that until I move into the new apartment
oh well ...

Day 220 of 365

Challenge #13: comic

Does this happens to anyone else too? haha
I spend hours washing dishes n then after a while the sink is full again! with dirty dishes =))