Day 36 of 365

 "Catching stars for u"

Happy Halloween everyone! :) I personally don't participate in this but I really enjoy it when I see ppl decorating their houses. I will be staying in tomorrow .. probably cooking, cleaning, and drawing

Day 35 of 365

Obsessed with cupcakes right now!

- staying in bed and painting cupcakes. So glad hurricane Sandy is gone ... *phew*

Day 34 of 365

"The Shepard Girl"

Stay safe friends ... I hope this hurricane sandy passes soon and doesn't affect anyone's life or house like the previous hurricane did *fingers crossed* 

Day 33 of 365

"The Red Lighthouse"

So .. I finally quit my second job. My husband supports me 100% and I'm so happy for that.  Going to return the items to my supervisor today and get it over with! 

I probably would go do some grocery shopping ... I'm craving french toast

Day 32 of 365

 "Jane Aunten"

I am still trying to pick a name for this character ... I came up with "Skylla" I think it is perfect for her :)

Will be drawing more of Skylla soon 

Wish u all a wonderful weekend! 

Day 31 of 365

" Going for a ride"

My painting for the IF's topic "haunt". Will be painting some more stuff about this topic. I personally love Halloween and all that spooky stuff =) 

I remember when I was a kid, my dream was to become a witch while my friends all wanted to be doctors and teachers lol 

what did u wanna become when u grew up?

Original painting here

Day 27 of 365

It's been pretty cold in the morning. I'm so happy leaves are finally changing colors! so beautiful <3

Day 25 of 365

"Adorable bunny"

Sitting under the vast blue sky. Enjoying the smell of fresh cut grass and birds singing. Life is good.

You can find the original ACEO painting here 

Wish u a wonderful weekend! 

Day 24 of 365

"Dreamland in mountains"

Idk why this job is giving me such a hard time. Have u head this saying that "great ppl make u feel great and help u become a better person"? my supervisor is always so annoying and just makes u feel like an idiot. I'm thinking of quitting soon ... 

Tomorrow is Friday so I'll be making chocolate cake with walnuts. I love Fridays.

Day 23 of 365

"Give Thanks"

So I finally had the time to set up my facebook! Plz check it out if u have time.  I am really excited about thanksgiving. It's only a month away and I can't wait to make pumpkin pies, cookies, cupcakes, and buy cinnamon and apple candles haha

Day 22 of 365

"Snow white" 

Couple of days ago, I was thinking of putting up my drawings online. someone might want them! who knows, right? :)
So now u can find them here!

Day 12 of 365

My husband is usually very busy with school. So there are nights that I fix myself dinner/lunch and sit down with a candle and my laptop (my love!!!) and enjoy my food while watching one of my favorite shows . Life is good .

Day 11 of 365

She wore the scarf that aunt birdie knit her. It was soft and comfy and smelled like cinnamon cookies.  In return, she made aunt birdie a snowman to keep her company . But it was sad to know that the snowman wasn't going to live more than 3 months...

- I'm happy that we're still far from winter. I wish fall would never end .

Day 10 of 365

"You never know what's in the mirror behind u"

sorry about the poor quality ... there is a stink bug in the house and I freaked out and ran to my room so couldn't use the scanner lol

wish u a wonderful and adventurous weekend! 

Day 9 of 365

And she loved knitting while leaning on her favorite soft pillow and sipping on a hot cup of white chocolate mocha.