Day 95 of 365

Visiting my family <3 gonna be here for a while . It's so comforting to see them and be with them

Day 90 of 365

Made these gift tags :) It was a lot of fun . Hopefully will make more soon
Wish u all a very safe and happy holiday
Take good care loves

Day 89 of 365


I'm going on a trip tomorrow... for about 2 weeks. Can't wait ! 
Need to start packing today and get ready 
My shop will be closed for 2 weeks . I'll be making some changes to my items when I return (:

- will be making tiramisu today . It's the easiest and most delicious dessert ever. Def recommend trying it

Day 88 of 365

Well we survived the Dec 21st apocalypse ! congrats everybody =) 

IF's topic: Glow


btw I stayed up and made these two ACEO paintings. It was sooo much fun making them that I completely forgot about the time haha
will def be making more soon hopefully <3

You can see them on my etsy shop: Click Here

Day 85 of 365

"Pride and Prejudice"     

So I've been very busy these days with work. Don't get much time to do any illustrations really. I am hoping to draw more illustrations but with bigger paper size and not ACEO for a while :)

- P and P is one of my most favorite movies ever! I watched it so many times on utube but now days utube is removing everything due to copyright issues...that's sad.

Day 83 of 365

"Snowy night"

I tried one of the online sites to change my drawing a little bit haha . there are a lot of really good sites! will be posting more pix for this topic soon

hope u all had a wonderful weekend! :)

Day 82 of 365

Made this beautiful bookmark. with acrylics, some book pages, and ink. I really enjoyed it. will be making more of these soon
You can find it on my etsy shop click here: (+)

Day 81 of 365

"The little red riding hood"

Just bought a bunch of "watercolor papers" even they are supposedly 160 lb as suppose to 140 lb, but they don't work so well with watercolor :( anyways... Idk what to do with them exactly. I might have to change my medium from watercolor to something else for a while. That might turn out to be a good experience as well.. who knows

Day 77 of 365

For the IF topic of the week "Explore"
I was in the bed sketching and looking for inspiration for this week's topic ...then I saw my closet lol and did a quick sketch. My husband was reading so I showed him the picture, he looked at the closet and said "I think u need a traveler's guide for ur closet too coz u can never find anything in it" haha. so true though.

Is your closet usually crowded and messy or organized? 

Day 76 of 365

"Christmas Tree"

I never realized how fast the days were flying until I began this 365 drawing challenge! Days go by soooo fast it's scary. 

Day 71 of 365


I know this drawing is a bit was 3 AM couldn't sleep n all these creepy things were coming to my mind as usual haha