Day 5 of 365

Created this cute character ... I will name her "Ruby".  I've seen sooooo many foxes around my house lately .. they're absolutely beautiful and breathtaking :)

Day 4 of 365

At in-law's house: bored as usual.  Missing my tea time routine (hands down, the best part of my day!)

Day 3 of 365

"Read more books!"

A very quick sketch . Have a wonderful weekend! ;)

Day 2 of 365

All my life I've been a tiny girl. I've never weighed more than 97 pounds :| (no I'm not anorexic lol) I only try to eat healthy and only eat when I am hungry and stop when I'm almost full ... I eat probably 5 or 6 times a day though =)

- I am trying my best to gain at least 20 or 30 more pounds but no luck ...

Day 1 of 365

I am not so good at sticking to my long term plans =) but I want to give it a try and take this challenge.  I think it would be fun. But I am not exactly sure about what I need to draw ... anything I want? well anyways let's see how it goes haha

Let the challenge begin!

I thought I should start with drawing my favorite movie =) CORALINE! I wouldn't be lying if I told u I watched this movie over 20 times =) I can't get enough of this movie ....  It's so mystical and beautiful <3 don't u think?

Crooked - IF

They had a warm cup of hot chocolate in a cold windy fall day "Cheers!"
-The most crooked thing that came to my mind was a scarecrow =) haha

I wish u all a very happy and fun weekend! get out and enjoy the weather


Meet Skippy =) my new favorite character. will be drawing more of her soon... also trying to come up with lots of characters

- Decided to quit one of my jobs and focus more on studying for the stupid GRE =) hope I pass it!

Burst - IF

 lol how do u draw a pregnant woman? =) it seemed harder than I thought haha

That's the first thing that came to my mind though ... I don't look forward to getting pregnant anytime soon. My husband and I have no plans for kids at all so far. But I always wanted a girl ... maybe someday :)

Phone case

I made this phone case for my phone. I love neutral colors and white <3 I hope to make more soon ...

Sewing kit - needles

I just made this for my needles since I started sewing more these days : )

Yummy Sweets (felt)

I love sweets! That is why I picked this project. I am working on some more sweets .. but fist I have to go grocery shopping and clean the kitchen. I'd rather be making these though hmph

hope u all had a wonderful weekend (:

Imagination - IF

She Knew this was only in her imagination. She was terrified of bears.


With two part time jobs and housework, I am going to do my best to start studying for my GRE. Def wanna go back to college and find a real job 

wish me luck!

My Etsy Shop

Check out my etsy shop! :) hope u find these beautiful.

Identical - IF

"There is no one identical to you and there will never be. So be who you want to be. And love yourself"