This is my adorable niece. Her name is Sara. I love her sooooooooo much! I never knew I could love a baby this much :3 she smiles and tries to talk when we talk to her. Its the cutest thing evaaa. Watching her grow is the most precious thing <3 May she always be happy and healthy <3


I srsly miss painting ... I wish I had more time to paint and draw. Will hopefully pick it up in the summer or in a year after I'm done with my studies! Can't wait! :D

Grad School

So... I'm officially a graduate student! *throws confetti*
That can be both scary and exciting. But I know this is something that I love to do. And the only thing that I am hoping for, is finding a job after finishing my degree haha

Will either make a new blog or continue posting in this blog : ) lets see how it goes

Take care lovelies <3